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Bridging Interculturalism and Coaching

Following our passion for bridging across our own “professions” and expertise, we launched an Intercultural Mentor Coach Program to bring interculturalism to coaching. Today, with its First Edition successfully completed, we would like to share with you what we’ve learnt and our plans.

The Intercultural Mentor Coach Program

In our 6 hours Mentor Program we bridge interculturalism and coaching. We interweave the intercultural competence with ICF’s 11 competencies, based on three pillars.

1. Intercultural Competence, Why and How Coaches Should Develop It?

Gone are the days of the absolute and exclusive realm of IQ. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has now its undeniable place among leaders’ and professional’s competences. Empathy and active listening being widespread notions in coaching, EQ development is easily and undeniably linked to coaching competences. However, there was no need to mention it as a separate core coaching competence.

Now, scholars as Julia Middleton and supporting statistics have shown that in a Globalized World Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is as important as EQ. We think this to be true for coaching competences as well.

Similar to finding EQ in many behaviors of the 11 competences, our strategy in the Program is to revisit them through intercultural glasses. By this approach we also celebrate ICF’s decision not to separately mention Intercultural Competence as one of coaching core competences but to let us explore it through its behaviors.

This approach allows to develop coach’s CQ, to increase intercultural self-awareness and it helps to understand how the coachee’s culture can influence the coaching process … as one of the participants for the first Program stated