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Intercultural Coaching: Navigating fluidly across cultures

When someone, who I just met, asks: me what do you do? I answer, I'm a coach ... intercultural coach. Immediately I perceive a suspicious glance because, the word coach is used in a very inappropriate way and, nowadays, everyone calls themselves coach. But, also, when I add the word Intercultural, I can observe a question mark on that person's face. Then I begin to explain.

What is Intercultural Coaching?

Let's start understanding: What is Coaching? It is an accompaniment process that aims to help people (or teams) to achieve their professional or personal goals or challenges, using a methodology that promotes awareness, learning, processes of change and actions, to accomplish these objectives.

What is interculturality? A concept used without much conscience of its meaning, which describes the action between two or more cultures in a horizontal and synergistic way, where none is above others, a condition that stimulates the integration and harmonious coexistence of all individuals. Claude Clanet (Professor Emeritus of Human Sciences Toulouse-France) expresses it as:

"The term "Interculturality" introduces the notion of reciprocity in the complex exchange of relations between cultures."

Then, Intercultural Coaching can be defined as the process of accompanying people (or teams), with their challenges of working, negotiating or living with people from other cultures, helping them to interact in a fluid and efficient way, in order to create a synergistic and harmonic relationship between them.

For Whom?

It is aimed at all people who face the daily challenges of working with people from other cultures; leaders, managers, employees, teams, at all levels of organizati