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Other certifications :
  • Certificate Intercultural Management, ESCP Europe

  • Master of Business Coaching, International Mozaik, Paris

  • Certificate in Project management, Ecole Centrale Lille
  • Master of Human and Social Sciences, Sociology of Organizations
  • Practice based on concepts in neuroscience ... PNL, AT, CNV, Dilts

  • Member of SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) France

Spoken Languages : French, English, German
Manuela Marquis

IMC Network:

Séverine Buchot - Coach au sein d'IMC-Coaching

Manuela Marquis

Booster Coach of multicultural talents! Consultant, Trainer and professional Coach

Certified professional coach and member of the International Coaching Federation

Her ambition is to support organizations in their continuous evolution towards sustainable performance thanks to Human Capital, the most beautiful of Resources.

She spent 15 years in Human Resources developing competence and performance in the hugely multicultural environment with 15000 employees, 500 professions and 100 nationalities, and has 20 years of experience in managing teams.

Skills / Fields of expertise :
  • Cross-cultural coaching in organization - individual and collective

  • Co-development, World Café linked to collective intelligence

  • Management, Leadership, Intercultural Trainings

  • International assignees: expatriates & inpatriates

  • France-Germany – Management Coaching, coaching of projects, mergers and acquisitions

  • Development of Effective Employee Training Programs

Certification School : International Mozaik, Paris
Coaching & Management Interculture - Français
Coaching et Management Interculturel - Anglais
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