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Guillaume Sarrazin - Coach au sein IMC-Coaching

Guillaume Sarrazin

Other certifications :
  • Strategic Management Certificate (Ecole des Mines Paris)

  • Master 2 in Strategic Intelligence & International Development Management -  University Marc Bloch “ITI-RI” International Relations Institute Strasbourg (France)

  • Master 1 in  Foreign Languages Applicated to the International Business – Specialized in “International Economic Relations” - University Toulouse II (France)

Certification School : International Institut of Coaching ICI  (Switzerland)
Skills / Fields of expertise :
  • Professional transition

  • Training and coaching in Intercultural Management (individual or team)

  • Intercultural integration (Expatriation / impatriation, steering projects or teams internationally ...)

  • Intelligence and collective efficiency

Consultant, trainer, and professional coach. (Co-founder of IMC-Coaching)
With nearly 15 years of experience and international experience (Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, United States, Switzerland, UK), Guillaume Sarrazin specialized in intercultural coaching in accompanying managers in transition and / or professional integration, in bi or multicultural environments.
Spoken Languages : French, Spanish, Portuguese, English
Bien communiquer avec vos interlocuteurs brésiliens - Ouvrag Interculturel - Guillaume Sarrazin

IMC Network:

Guillaume Sarrazin
Coaching & Management Interculture - Français
Coaching et Management Interculturel - Anglais
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