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Other certifications :
  • Practitioner in Neurosemantic, ISNS

  • TIP (The International Profiler)

  • Maieusthésie

  • Enneagram

  • Economics ( Master)

  • Certified Hand Ball Coach

Spoken Languages : French, English
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IMC Network:

Séverine Buchot - Coach au sein d'IMC-Coaching

Caroline Pensier Filis

Coach, facilitator & Consultant

Franco-Italian-Swiss, I have been expatriated in Borneo and the Caribbean Islands, guiding today individuals, teams and organizations on topics such as expatriation, impatriation, return of expat, leadership, team coaching, performance, navigation of change ... Energetic, positive, pragmatic, goal-oriented, creative, my true intention is to walk with you along the path to facilitate your alignment during transition

Skills / Fields of expertise :
  • Individual and team coaching

  • Design and Facilitation of intercultural and / or international seminars

  • Coaching Spouses of Expat

  • Main countries of expertise : France , French Overseas Departments, Mauritius Island , South East Asia 

Certification School : Coaching de Gestion (Canada), Organizations and Relationships Systems Coach- ORSC - CRR Global
Coaching & Management Interculture - Français
Coaching et Management Interculturel - Anglais
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